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H² Technology Solutions is one of the leaders in cloud deployments. Our staff have deployed many reliable IT systems in multiple cloud providers. Some of these systems are performance based and others are data resilience systems.  Depending on the Infrastructure design, We can build a system that can recover within seconds of a major disaster. 

Design and Architecture

  • Study and plan system to be deployed

  • Suggest multiple designs

  • Architect system using latest  guidelines

  • Certify system 


  • Implement latest cloud technology

  • Automate installs and configurations

  • Test reliability and redundancy

  • Fail over and backup sites.


  • Migrate Existing systems 

  • Hybrid Solutions

  • Migrate databases

  • Big data migrations using encryption

Security & Logging

CD and CI

  • Single sign on

  • Identity management

  • Audit logs

  • Cloud advanced solutions

  • Software packages 

  • Automated deployments

  • application development

  • bugs tracking and fixes